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We still live here!

It has been almost two decades since my I started this website. Blogging was not a word then. Social media was still confined in the dorms of Harvard.

I started this website to provide updates to our friends. Social media has taken over. However, I still love the traditional way and so this site is still going on.

I also have a Wordpress site to play around with Wordpress features. Follow the link below to view it;

I plan to write more personal stuff on this website while using the Wordpress site to publish anything that interest me.

  • In Paris!

    Paris Flower Park

    Our summer vacation brought us to Paris. It was an educational trip to say the least. It was a good trip.

  • London to visit the queen...

    Southwark Bridge

    Did you ever sang 'London Bridge is falling down...'? By the way, the photo above is not the London Bridge.

  • Da dawg

    This is our pet who loves soaking under the sun. Too bad, she cannot put sun screen all over her body.